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Frequently Asked  Questions

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How long does an initial consultation last and what is involved?

  • I will spend approximately 30 minutes in your home and we will talk about your vision for your space or how you would like to see it function. I may ask to see the whole house so that I may assess other storage areas and to see how the rooms are utilized. We may discuss your budget, timeline and will come up with a general plan of where to start. If you decide not to hire me, for any reason, I will invoice you for the time spent on this consultation. If you hire me, this time is included in my service at no charge.

What if I'm embarrassed of my space?

  • Not to worry, this is what I do! I've seen homes in many different conditions. The main thing to remember is that you've taken the first step and called someone for help. Please don't clean up before I come, I need to see the home as you use it so I can have a good idea of where the challenges lie.

How long will it take to get my space organized?

  • Great question!! My simple answer is that until I see the environment, quantity of belongings and meet you to see what your decision making ability is like, there is not an easy answer to that question. Once I'm in the area, I can tell you a rough estimate on what I think is possible during our session.

How long is a session?

  • A minimum work session is four hours. I've found this to be a good amount of time for both of us. For you, it's making a lot of decisions, and for me it's the physical aspect of the work. However, if we are doing a garage, which I will bring in other organizers for, we may work a 6 hour day.

How do I pay for my session?

  • Payment is expected at the end of each work session. With prior arrangements, you may request to be invoiced and pay by a credit card via my invoicing software. I can accept checks, cash and credit cards.

What happens if I decide to move forward and work with you?

  • At the time of the consultation, I will review my Service Agreement with you and explain the pricing. If you want to schedule your first session, I will ask you to sign the agreement and this will get you on my calendar.