If you have other questions that are not listed here, please contact me and I will be happy to answer them.

How long does an initial consultation last and what is involved?

  • The initial consultation is approximately one hour long. During this time we will conduct an analysis of your area(s) of concern by asking questions such as; what is working, what isn’t, what is your vision for this area?, etc. We will also discuss your budget and anticipated timeline. During this initial consultation, we will summarize the organizing solutions that we feel will help you achieve your goals. Together we will decide which area(s) to start with and will schedule our first work session.

What if I’m embarrassed of my space?

  • Don’t worry. Everything discussed stays between your organizer and yourself. As a member of NAPO, I abide by their strict Code of Ethics

How long will my organizing project take?

  • Great question! The length of each organizing project is completely dependent on the space being organized, and the individual client. Working together in your initial consultation, we will come up with an estimated timeline based on you and your needs.

 When do I have to pay for my organizing session?

  • Payment is expected at the end of each organizing session. Payment may be made by cash or check.(With prior notice payments may be made by credit cards)

After my initial consultation, will I be under contract with you?

  • Absolutely not, I only want you to move forward with Organized Solutions if you love the ideas that are suggested during your initial consultation and you are ready to make the commitment to get organized.


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