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What to Expect:

The Process

The organizing process is just that - a process - and only with practice will that process turn into a habit. Every person learns and implements organizing habits at their own pace, and my main goal is to create organizing solutions that complement your lifestyle and will enable you to maintain those systems

  • When you first contact me, we will have a brief phone assessment to discuss your needs.‚Äč

  • Then we will schedule an in home visit which will last between 20-30 minutes. I may ask to see the entire house so I can have an overall picture of storage space available and how you are utilizing areas. We will talk more specifically about your particular space challenges and come up with a plan of action.

  • We will go over my service agreement, discuss fees and schedule our first work session

  • Working alongside you, I will help you start the process of making the decisions necessary to achieve the vision you have for your space.

The first step in developing a good working relationship with a Professional Organizer is to have a realistic understanding of what you can and should expect:

  • Complete confidentiality

  • Non-judgmental evaluation of your needs

  • Open discussion about the cost of services

  • A willingness to do tasks that need to be done to achieve your goals

  • Physical assistance, as well as verbal instruction

  • Ability to apply the "principles of organization" to your particular situation 

  • Transference of skills to you so that you can maintain the space

  • Creative and innovative problem solving