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This client had an odd shaped area under the stairs that they were using as their pantry. The shelves were existing, and we tried to maximize the amount of storage in the small space. In a pantry, containers are one of the best way to keep things organized, sets boundaries on how much to keep, and helps you to be more efficient in meal planning because you can see what you have to use.

Client was so excited that we could create a coffee/tea service area away from the main part of her kitchen. Now she looks forward to making her coffee every morning and has a cleared counter in her busy kitchen.

We love helping the DIY enthusiast get their tools and hardware organized so they can get to work fixing what needs fixing!

This client was fortunate to have an entire closet she could devote to gift wrapping. As you can see, things had gotten out of hand, so we worked to use the storage items she already had to whip this fantastic closet back into shape!

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